Draw Your Own Map

According to my next Apprenticeship Pattern blog I chose “Draw Your Own Map,” as one of the most interesting patterns and which fits perfectly in my logic. When you decide to enter the Software Development world, you may think that it’s a hard and tough game, or sometimes you believe that your career will always be depended on you employer frame. This is absolutely wrong? You are the only one who identify the goals and your career path. You, as a Software developer should know your steps of your career, from the first one, and start to build a map that leads you to next goals, and future paths.

That first step will generate the momentum that will help carry you toward your goals. It’s the willingness to take that first terrifying step, even in the absence of a perfect plan, that turns your map from a daydream into reality. Rather than simply writing down high-level goals, try to define small, achievable steps. If you find that your vision of yourself is not in accord with your employer’s vision for you, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to reconcile the differences, examine other opportunities to see if they’re heading in the desired direction. Remember, there isn’t one single path that all apprentices follow. Instead, successful apprentices follow paths that share a certain family resemblance. These resemblances do not happen because apprentices are inexorably shepherded into making the same decisions by their mentors. They happen because each apprentice, consciously or not, chooses their route through life based on an overlapping set of values.

To follow the Long Road of the career you should draw a creat map, where steps are safe and you knowledge gives you safety while riding through the path. You can see different jobs at the same time, and decide to follow up with most of them. Analyze the reason why you want the job, why do you want to work for the company, why do you want to develop that particular think. Always imagine yourself one or two steps ahead, and think where do you see yourself in the future.


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